Do dogs need seatbelts?

Do dogs need seatbelts?

Does your dog use a seatbelt?


If the answer is no then you are breaking the law. Many people are unaware that in the event of an accident and a dog being in the car without being restrained can invalidate your insurance. This means that if you are involved in an accident that you believe was not your fault for even if it was you may be liable for the damages.

The law specifies that if an animal is moving freely around the vehicle it could of contributed to an accident. So you in effect would be liable.

It is also an offence to have a dog on your lap or hinging out the window. Even if it looks amazing you will loose your insurance claim straight away.

Working Dogs

Farmers that have their sheepdog in the back of the trailer unrestrained, will also be liable! it doesn’t matter how obedient and well trained your dog is.

There are a number of great restraints for animals on the market

Dog Harness

dog harness

Halford Mesh  Boot Dog Guard


Kurgo Booster Dog Seat

Kurgo Dog Booster Seat

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