Win a Chien Chic Designer Doggy Cologne – April Comp

Win a Chien Chic Designer Doggy Cologne – April Comp

Win a Designer Doggy Cologne This April- Facebook Comp

We are giving away  Two Doggy Colognes this April for our usual monthly competition. One for our little doggy lady and one for our little doggy guy.

These designer fragrances smell as good as the real thing. They have been formulated to suit dogs and not humans. Although I must say I wear them. That’s how good they are.

The smell will last a couple of days on your dog.Chien Chic spritz sprays

Just simply spray a small amount on your hand and smooth over your pet.

Excellent to use between grooms or after a bath

You can choose the cologne you wish to have for your lucky pup.

If you can’t wait, we sell these online

Please follow these links

Male Dog Cologne

Female Dog Cologne


I will be picking the winner from our lovely pics. A funny doggy pic of your pooch would be nice and fun, or a very cute one

Here is an example


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