Puppy Training – How’s & When’s

Puppy Training – How’s & When’s

Puppy Training with Nina Blanchard –  Behavioural Therapist, Dog Trainer & Qualified Groomer

Hi All,

 Nina Blanchard is an X-Royal Army Veterinary Corps Dog Handler. She has also studied and trained many dogs, owning three beauties of her own and has owned and trained dogs most of her life. Nina would like to share some tips and tricks with you, also offering help to choose and train your brand new puppy.  Each subject will be covered weekly. If you need help please call or email Nina who can offer one on one training and advice.

  • Choosing the right dog for you
  • What you will need to buy for your new pup
  • What to do when your puppy comes home!
  • Introduction to the vets your are going to use, have him/her checked over.
  • Getting puppy used to surroundings and crate training.
  • Training first steps ( Your Puppy training starts here) toilet training.
  • Puppy inoculations ( what are they for, why does my puppy need them?
  • Bad Behaviour (Chewing etc what to do)
  • Walking your new puppy.
  • Socialising and the importance of doing this.
  • Letting your puppy off the lead (stressful times).
  • Basics must for all pups.
  • Advance Training.
  • Learn how to read what your puppy wants and needs ?

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