Camping with your Dog

Taking your dog camping can be the most enjoyable time for the whole family. Firstly check to make sure the campsite you are staying at accepts dogs, also check that they have a dog walking area. To keep your dog safe keep it on a lead at all times. This is normally requested by the […]

Foods to Avoid Feeding your Pet

Some foods that we eat cannot be given to your dog. These foods will make your pet quite poorly and can sometimes even kill them. Mushrooms (Toxic) Onions (Toxic) Chocolate (Human Chocolate Toxic) Alcohol Avocado Seed (Causes vomiting diarrhea). Fish with bones Chicken bones (splinter get stuck in throat and gullet) Raw chicken may contain […]

Can Pets have Allergies?

There are many dogs that suffer with allergies. Similar to our hay fever. I have know dogs to have itchy feet from pollen on the grass. It can cause very severe irritation on feet and skin. My daughters little dog run around the house going crazy scratching her feet and biting them. If your dog […]

What To Do If The Dog Finds your Chocolate

Is Chocolate bad for your dog? The simple answer is yes, unless its dog chocolate. Human chocolate is toxic to dogs, actually to all animals. My dog ate chocolate and was OK! this is what I hear from some people. Yes you may have been lucky it didn’t affect your dog. The only problem is […]

Do dogs need seatbelts?

Does your dog use a seatbelt?   If the answer is no then you are breaking the law. Many people are unaware that in the event of an accident and a dog being in the car without being restrained can invalidate your insurance. This means that if you are involved in an accident that you […]

Facebook Christmas Prize draw

Chien Chic Pet Care Christmas Prize Draw Chien Chic Pet Care is a new caring service aimed to assist the local community. Nina Blanchad has worked and been associated with animal care for many years. To introduce ourselves we would like to offer you a chance to win a Christmas Goody Basket to the value […]

Benefits of a Mud Spa Bath

Treat your dog to a Mud Spa check out the benefits of this product! Prevents Hair Loss Although shedding is natural dogs and all animals, excessive shedding or unhealthy hair loss can result from stress, due to a high fever of viral diseases for a prolonged period, malnutrition, genetic reasons, harmful drugs, side effects of […]

Hereford’s February Dog Competition

Hereford’s February Competition – Win a Free Mud Spa For Your Dog   I am giving away a free luxury mud spa for your best doggy pal. Hereford’s favourite luxury grooming salon is offering this fantastic prize. The prize is worth £15 and will give your dog a taste of glamour. Benefits Reduces Hair loss […]

The Great British Dog Walk – Eastnor Castle

The Great British Dog Walk – Eastnor Castle Join the hearing dogs at Eastnor Castle on 18th March 2018. A very popular walk for all dog owners to participate. There will be a free bandana with the purchase of a ticket. Enjoy some great stalls with all sorts of goodies for your pooch. Family fun […]

Beast From The East And Your Pets

Beast From The East – Looking after your pets in cold weather We have just been informed that we are having an artic blast this week. The warning of Storm Emma is set to hit the UK on Thursday and Friday, bringing heavy snow, blizzards and high winds.These are a few precautions you should take for […]