Hello, You have now booked your dog into be groomed by Nina.
Could you please take some time to submit a consent form for your dog. I will need some details about you and your gorgeous pooch.

If you can please email a pic of your dog to info@chienchic-petcare.co.uk or send to 07799430327

Dog Grooming Consent Form
Dog/ Bitch
DISCLAIMER - It must be clearly understood and agreed that whilst every care and attention is given to your (dog) they are accepted at the owners risk. Our first concern is for the welfare of your dog, so in the event of injury or illness a vet may be sought, and unless it can clearly show that we are liable, all costs in connection and in the carrying out of this instruction, shall be at the owners expense. I have read and understood and I am giving permission for my dog to be groomed by Chien Chic Ltd.