Can Pets have Allergies?

Can Pets have Allergies?

There are many dogs that suffer with allergies. Similar to our hay fever. I have know dogs to have itchy feet from pollen on the grass. It can cause very severe irritation on feet and skin. My daughters little dog run around the house going crazy scratching her feet and biting them.

If your dog shows signs of these symptoms at least wash their feet if not the full body. Take to the vets if the symptoms persist. Change where you walk your dog it may just be something in that area that is irrupting them.

Skin irritation is another symptom of an allergy. Dogs may scratch sometimes ripping their skin. The skin will be pink in colour. Your dog may need antihistamine or steroids so please take your dog to the vets and I have seen severe cases where the dog will loose its hair.

Bee and wasp stings can cause a severe reaction in the picture you will see that Floyd’s face has swollen up. This was after he had had medication. Please take your pet to the vet immediately. An allergy of this severity can cause asphyxiation and death.


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