Alabama Rot – Facts

Alabama Rot – Facts

Facts about Alabama Rot in dogs

As dog owners we are always interested in new diseases that our pets can pick up. I have researched the CRGV disease(Alabama Rot in Dogs, for my friends at Chen Chic).

As a dog groomer we will probably be one of the first people to notice if your dog has symptoms, but this is something you can check yourself whilst your dog is relaxing with you, on the sofa.



It is a flesh eating disease that causes lesions on your dogs feet, face or pretty much anywhere the virus makes contact. They say feet, head and abdomen as these are the area’s that touch the ground most.

The cause is unknown and very few dogs survive if not treated early. Even then it really is a touch and go chance of survival only being 10% survival. There is no cure as there is no real information on the cause and where it originated from.


Most cases have been reported from walking in muddy woodland area’s. This could be where this contagious disease manifests and survives best.

Not all these symptoms present themselves.

  • Sores on Feet, Legs, Abdomen, Face
  • Lethargy ( Dog becomes tired and listless)
  • Vomiting lack of interest in food
  • Yellowing of the whites of the eyes
  • Kidney Failure

If you are concerned about your dog showing any of the above symptoms please take your dog to your closest vet immediately.

There is a practice that specialises in Alabama Rot Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists  if you are not receiving joy from your local vet. I am pretty sure that most practices have been advices on symptoms I know my vets at Holmer have, as I discuses it recently.


These are the precautions you should take.

  • After your dogs walk rinse off legs if muddy
  • Wash your dog thoroughly if extremely muddy after a walk a full wash and dry is advisable.
  • Check your dog regularly for any signs of sores.
  • Keep feet clean remove hair between toes
  • If your dog has a cut or abrasion on their foot avoid walking in woods
  • Common sense is a must

We do not want to scare monger as this disease is not an epidemic. It is something to be aware of.

Started in 2012 where first case was diagnosed then 40 in 2017.

Here is a map from Vets4Pets of how many cases there are in the UKVets 4 Pets map of Alabama Rot

Strange none in Scotland and main cluster is down south.

Chien Chic grooming offers a walk in bath service where you can wash your own dog if you don’t have adequate facilities at home.

The cost is just £10 for shampoo and dry or £5 for just a shampoo/ conditioner.


If you would like to have your own facilities ie: small dog shower in your garden offering you pooch a warm water shower.

Chien Chic Dog Bathsor a covered area to wash your dog then, Chien Chic offers a shower / bath fitting facility.

Rex Dovey



ALABAMA ROT RESEARCH FUND Donate Now:  to stop this horrible disease attacking our beautiful pets





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