What will you need to buy for your new pup?

What will you need to buy for your new pup?

By now you will of chosen the puppy for your lifestyle. If you are a beginner please don’t choose a dog that will need specialist handling, (Rotwieller, German Shepherd, Malamut etc, these types of dogs can be difficult to train and in inexperienced hands you could end up with a dog with behaviour issues. Think about how much exercise they will need, their size when fully grown, commitment, do you have children? etc.  Always do your homework choose your pup from a reputable breeder. If your buying a pedigree contact the owners clubs to find out good breeders and when pups are due. If your buying a mixed breed always visit the puppy at their home and view at least one of the parents if not both.

Always see the parents and watch how they interact with the pups.

You will need some essential items before bringing your puppy home

A puppy will need a soft bed, a safe place like a crate to lie. Water bowl, food bowl and toys. 

When you collect your puppy don’t forget to ask about first injections and the food they were on. The seller should give you some food to take home.

A well fitted collar that can be extended as your pup will grow at some speed.

Name tag if you have decided on a name.

Most important PUPPY PADS, DISINFECTANT SPRAY and plenty of paper towels to mop up the wee and pooh.

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