Dark Nights and Dark Mornings Protect Your Dog

Dark Nights and Dark Mornings Protect Your Dog

Night Protection For Your Dog With a Flashing Rechargeable Collar

Now is the time of year that we hate. Getting out of bed in the morning to walk your best buddy is a task as its dark and dreary. Night times are just as bad they still want that walk when you arrive home from work but your normal enjoyable walk in the summer is now dark. The thought of taking your dog out and not being able to see him is very scary.
Many people just leave their dogs on the lead through winter. I can imagine a dog doesn’t quite understand why he is suddenly made to walk on a lead beside you when in summer he could run to his hearts content.

There is also the safety aspect of walking and crossing roads.
Many people purchase just a small flashing tag which is great but wouldn’t it be just dandy to have a full collar that is chargeable by a USB not a battery, waterproof and can be cut to any size.

K9 Pursuits have the perfect option.
These multi flashing collars come in 3 colours, red, green, blue.
Chien Chic Boutique sell these for just £12.99 + postage unless you live in Hereford.
Please follow this link to purchase online or email info@chienchic-petcare.co.uk

BUY NOW USB Glowing Collar

d Green glowing night collar USB ChargingK9 B-Seen Blue Red Green glowing night collar

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