Happy Healthy Dog Workshops

Have you ever wanted to know how to maintain your own dog?

These are the questions I am asked on a daily basis

  • Not sure where I to start with grooming my new puppy?
  • Which are the best shampoos & conditioners that best suits my dogs coat?
  • What tools do I need to groom my breed of dog?
  • How do I maintain my dogs coat and how often should I brush him?
  • When will I know when to take my dog to the groomers?
  • My dog bites me when I try to brush him what do I do?
  • Does my dog need his annul glands expressed and what and where are they?
  • Could i trim my own dogs breed?

Chien Chic Grooming are setting up grooming skill workshops. We will teach you how to maintain and potential groom your own dogs breed.

The workshops will begin in Feb and will run from 4 weeks to 6 weeks one day per week.

You will all learn how to wash and maintain your dogs breed of coat, how to look after your new puppy’s coat, eventually leading on, if you wish on how to trim your own dog.

Silly Nina I hear you say why would she teach people to do her job!

  1.  Most of my clients don’t want to clip or groom their own dogs so will always use me
  2. Those who don’t visit a groomer on a regular basis, will bring their dogs to me in a much better condition (No Mats or hot spots no bald patches because their annul glands are full, saving expensive trips to vets) A qualified vet still needs to express these, but much better for you and your dog if you are able to recognise a problem before they ulcerate.
  3. There are also those who wait until the coat is just unmanageable due to knots and matted fur, that they just cant cope anymore. These grooms can take hours to do, which is at great expense to the owner but also painful to the poor pooch.

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